Stratus Vapes 4 in 1 Combo Portable Vaporizer Kit


Stratus Vapes 4 in 1 Combo Portable Vaporizer Kit

The Stratus Vape 4 in 1 Combo is an all-inclusive portable vaporizer kit that offers functionality, modularity and convenience all in one set.


At the core of the stratus vaporizer is the 900mAh battery with LCD puff counter or capacity indicator. The vaporizer features a stash of cartridges which begins with the 1.6ml MT3 BCC atomizer. This cartridge is a better alternative to the wick based tanks as they are more reliable with no mess or fuss.

The Stratus has two customised modified ceramic heating chambers. One of these chambers is dedicated specifically for waxy oils and the other is to be used with dry herbs.

The Stratus vaporizer includes its Glass Globe Titanium atomizer, replacement mouthpieces, chargers, cleaning brush and a travel dabber.

There are four different ways in which to vaporize with the Stratus 4 in 1. The Mts BCC atomizer can be used for e-liquids, the heating chamber works for both dry and waxy oils and the globe atomizer can be used for just waxy oils. There is a LCD system which will tell the user about the charging status and the temperature status.

The Stratus 4 in 1 is endorsed by Vaporite and this starter kit is multi-functional.

The portable pen vape comes in a matte black finish which makes the device sleek and sophisticated. The options of vaporizing means that you have the choice over the matter you wish to vaporize no matter what your preference.

Stratus Vaporizer Features

  • LCD indicator
  • 900mAh battery
  • Wax and dry herb heating chamber
  • Globe atomizer for waxy oils
  • Charging voltage – 4.2V
  • Charging current – 420mAh
  • Battery capacity – 900mAh
  • Battery life – 300 recharges
  • Charging time – 3-4 hours
  • MT3 BCC atomizer capacity – 1.6ml

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 Stratus 900 mAh battery
  • 1 MT3 BCC liquid tank
  • 1 dry herb heating chamber
  • 1 wax heating chamber
  • 1 globe atomizer for waxy oil
  • 2 rubber mouthpieces
  • 2 chamber connectors
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 wall charger
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 packing tool

Quick Tips

If you opt for waxy oils with the heating chamber, use the packing tool to gently load in your essentials just above the heating chamber. You will then to reassemble and inhale.

With the glass globe atomizer and waxy oils, use the packing tool to gently load your essentials into the ceramic heating chamber. You will then need to reassemble and inhale.